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Imperity Professional Milano Ltd.

Imperity Professional Milano Ltd. is committed to a sustainable, green planet and offers its customers the product in an environmentally conscious "bio-based" bottle. The bottle can be recycled, we would appreciate it if the clean, empty bottle would be collected in plastic waste, the cap in the municipal waste, thank you for your cooperation!

*Did you know? Cottonseed oil has many beneficial effects on hair - it makes hair that is in need of regeneration, split ends, and hair that is in need of moisture healthier, stronger, and more beautiful, thanks to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids - especially Omega-6 - phytosterols, and Vitamin E content. Cottonseed oil is very suitable as a hair split serum. Damaged and dehydrated hair tips are protected and receive sufficient moisture. Thanks to the fatty acids, the hair tips are no longer split or damaged. Furthermore, cottonseed oil prevents the entry of toxins into the hair. On the other hand, it allows nutrients and vitamins to penetrate into the hair strands, nourishing and strengthening them from the inside.

**Did you know? Chestnut extract improves microcirculation and strengthens the scalp's capillaries. In this way, it tones and revitalizes the scalp, can contribute to optimal sebum production and counteract hair loss. Mainly recommended for hair prone to tangling.

***Did you know? Walnut extract is already known from folk medicine and a real benefactor of the hair: it makes it well-groomed, shiny and regenerates, especially helpful with split ends. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals.

****Did you know? A deficiency in Vitamin E makes hair brittle and dull. Vitamin E oil can also stimulate hair growth: Vitamin E significantly increases blood circulation, which can promote and strengthen hair growth.

*****Did you know? Vitamin B3 is a super ingredient against hair loss and hair loss, it effectively stimulates blood circulation and improves oxygen supply - it is a popular ingredient in hair cosmetics because it can lead to a healthy scalp and hair follicles.

Have you read? Vitamin B3 also reduces inflammation that causes hair loss and contributes to the production of keratin that restores hair from the roots, nourishes and rebuilds - and the hair is likely to be healthy, thick and dense again. Experts recommend Niacin-containing serums for the treatment of the problem that occurs after Corona in many cases, which should be applied once a week after thorough hair washing and scalp cleaning. The effect occurs within two to three weeks.

Did you know? LuminescineR is a protected plant extract. It is a natural active ingredient whose effect is based on the plant's photoluminescence, a special form of light generation.

Flowers are the main means of plant reproduction, and they use secret tricks, such as...