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Imperity Deutschland

The Art and Science of Beautiful Hair - Beautiful Hair is Our Passion, Education is Our Mission.

"Hairdressing is literally a beautiful profession, a true art: a beautiful hairstyle is like a hair poem, a creatively shaped bread roll is almost a hair sculpture... Our mission is to develop high-quality professional hairdressing cosmetics and put them into the hands of our hairdressing professionals, with whose help they can develop and realize themselves and thereby contribute to the self-expression, self-realization and personalized social acceptance of their salon guests."

Imperium Around the World

Imperity® builds community. An international, interconnected team of hairstylists and women seeking beauty.

Obsessed with beautiful hair, we work tirelessly every day - for you and all of you!

Imperity® Team

100% Italian quality, development, and production

100% Hungarian brand, Hungarian ownership


Why Imperity®?

Why do hairstylists love working with Imperity® products in their salon?

  • because not only they, but also their clients are satisfied with the premium quality of Imperity®
  • because they can find all the materials they need to open a salon in our selection
  • because our products are made with the latest recipes and valuable ingredients
  • because we constantly develop new products
  • because our company supports them through the partner program
  • because they receive continuous commercial activities and training opportunities

Why do customers choose Imperity®?

  • because our high-quality products help keep your hair beautiful and healthy
  • because they can buy professional hairdressing products
  • because they can get the products at a lower price